About Bry


I’m Bryanda, but you can call me Bry (pronounced Bree), since we’re probably gonna be best friends.  Thanks for getting to know me!

The Wonder Years

Childhood Pic

The kid in this picture is me at 1 years old

I had my first captive audience at the age of 5.  I asked for the microphone to sing my favorite song, and then hijacked the church service, for several minutes, by singing the refrain in continuous loop.  At home, I was constantly copycatting my family’s words and actions or reenacting entire scenes from my favorite movies.  If I lost one of my socks, no problem, I would just cut up the other one to make doll clothes.  I frequently heard “you have a big imagination” from the adults in my life.  When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, it involved either something creative or caring for others: movie star, singer, dancer, cartoon animator, teacher, or neonatal nurse (my mom was a nurse, so I knew specifics).  I had big dreams and lots of imagination to see them realized, but there is always a but.

The Wandering Years

Life got complicated.  Life was even tragic for a while.  Unfortunately, my dreams became an impractical luxury that I couldn’t afford to pursue.  I needed to earn a living, so my dreams were put onto the “maybe someday” backburner.  I believe that there are no expiration dates on our dreams, yet I know those suckers can get deferred for far too long, if all we do is sleep on them.

Who Am I?

That’s where my story leaves off and you come in.  I am the dreamer whose dreams got away from her, but whose ready to take action in pursuing them.  Are you a dreamer, eager to become a doer, too?  I am the creative, who thrives off learning and creating, but who has been too afraid to share my work?  Have you been hiding too?  I am the person who let the years pile up on me, while I did what was expected of me and tried unsuccessfully to ignore the persistent longing to do more.  Can you relate?  Are you ready to stop “backburnering” the life you want and start doing?  But are you like me and overwhelmed, clueless, or even fearful about how to begin the process?

What Am I Doing Here?

BrythingRoom will chronicle the footsteps I am taking towards realizing my dreams and living the professional creative life I have always imagined.  But this blog isn’t just about me, it’s about you too.  You are a big reason why I am here.  I want to share with you, yes, but I also want to encourage you and teach you how you can do the same.

What Next?

Want to know even more about me, why I am here, and how this whole thing got started?  Read these post next:

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How About You?

One last thing before you go… do me a favor and let me know you stopped by.  Leave a comment, introduce yourself, and tell me something about you.



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