While the Rest of the World Sleeps

Even In Our Sleep…

I am human.  This statement admits both fact and fault.  I am human, ergo, I make mistakes (Mistakes like using ergo in your blog?  I promise I am not pretentious; I just love words, and I never get to use that one enough).  It really frustrates me that I make so many mistakes.  For instance, last week I didn’t deliver on the Freestyle Friday post that I promised.  I starting writing it, midnight came and went, I missed my deadline, and felt defeated.  Today was Tuesday, but by the time this gets published, it will no longer be Tuesday, and I will have broken yet another goal that I set for myself.  I am feeling like a mistake making factory over here, producing a high quantity of long-lasting mistakes at a pretty consistent rate.  I remember this quote, although I don’t know who to attribute it to, it reads, “only in our sleep, do we make no mistakes”.  That was such a comforting sentiment to me at one time, but then I started making mistakes in my sleep.  Ever get a crick in your neck?  Oops, slept wrong.  Ever woke up late because you slept through your alarm?  Ah yes, over sleeping, it’s my least favorite common mistake; we basically start off our day already having made a huge mistake.  Missing the deadlines I set for myself, feels very much like over sleeping.  I am getting started already having made a huge mistake.  Even in our sleep, mistakes are inevitable.  Perhaps, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself then.  Whether I wake up late or not, I’ve still got the whole day ahead of me.

Sleeping Beauty

My mind is most active in the midnight hours, while most others are sleeping, and I have the world to myself.  Unfortunately, because I work so much, I find it necessary to stay awake to get stuff done.  I play a lot of catch up at night time.  I am constantly annexing the hours dedicated for rest and rejuvenation.  If beauty sleep were an actual thing you needed to maintain beauty, I would look like a troll.  By day, I am a barista slash child care phenom slash educator slash caped crusader slash student, but when the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light you see… oops, wait those are song lyrics!  (Slip ups like that happen, when you get little to no sleep)… at night I create.  I have not figured out a way to make writing a part of my normal working day.  That is my new mission: to get a good night’s rest and also create things.  I want sleeping and beauty.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

That being said, it is taking me entirely too long to write and edit this post.  At this point, if I go to sleep right now, I might be able to get a whole 45 minutes of sleep before it’s time to go to work.  I know I promised you an update, but I want that cat nap.  This is not the post I started out writing, but this is the one I was able to finish.  I make mistakes; I am human remember.  “To err is human, to forgive is divine”.  I hope you can forgive me for sleeping on the job.

Consider this an I.O.U.  I still owe you a proper update.  I will not keep you waiting for long.  In the meantime, please share with me how you manage it all?  Is writing your day job?  Do you juggle school, work, and family?  Are you like me and get no beauty rest?


2 thoughts on “While the Rest of the World Sleeps

  1. It happens to most people who work too hard but you are not alone I have days where it seems like nothing’s going right as well coming from a person who makes mistakes before during.and after sleep. But the two thoughts,that comfort me most are “control what u can and keep your eyes open for everything else.” And “every day is a new chance to get things right. ” I love reading your posts and I’m looking forward to the next 1!!

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